Crossing boundaries in your own self

Playing the piano means dynamics. Every day, week for week, year for year. This time is yours, yours alone!

To have the wish to play the piano as an adult is one thing – to actually realize this wish successfully is another. A few years ago you would have laughed out loud at anyone who expressed this wish. Today, people will sit up and take notice and envy you for the realization.

Greater or lesser difficulties lead you to seemingly insurmountable limits of your self. Overcoming these limits will lead you to recognize new sides within yourself and to go new undreamt-of ways.

Playing the piano as an adult opens up new opportunities for development within yourself, but also together with other people. Everyday life takes on a new, additional dimension, because you simultaneously address different senses such as sight, hearing and touch. 

Your success will encourage you and you will always face new challenges and demands of music. Piano lessons are characterized by the joy of playing and will tempt you to express your feelings musically.

Addressing your mind and heart equally with music and having the knowledge to use your time sensibly will change your everyday life in a positive way.

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Since mid-2016, it is now possible for children and young adults to receive piano lessons of the highest standard in German and English as well as in Russian. In addition to a wide range of workshops, concerts and other activities, the students are also given the opportunity to prepare for university studies or the entrance examination for the Precollege Program (for children from the age of 12) at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne.

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No piano?

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