The institution “Musikstudio und Galerie” of Gabriele Paqué was founded in June 2009. The focus is on piano lessons with a method for older adults especially developed by Gabriele Paqué. The Musikstudio offers space for adult visitors and students who want to engage intensively with music and art. Since 2016, various piano teachers have also been teaching children and young adults in German, English and Chinese at the piano. Since 2020 the Musikstudio offers clarinet, recorder and saxophone lessons for all age groups.

In addition, the premises are used for exhibitions of international artists as well as for concert events of renowned musicians. For several years now, there has also been a cooperation with the “Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln”, the “Deutscher Tonkünstler Verband” and the association “Bürger für Beethoven”. The aim here is to give young musicians and artists a platform to present themselves artistically.