Gabriele Paqué studied the harpsichord at the conservatory in cologne under the guidance of Prof. Hugo Ruf and in Arnhem, Netherlands, under Kees Rosenhart. She continued her musical education with the study of organ music in Arnhem under Bert Matter and Hans van Nieuwkoop. She successfully finished both studies as a graduated harpsichord and organ pedagogue. As minor subjects she studied church music and singing in order to broaden her musical horizon.

As an organist at the “Schlosskirche“ of the “Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität” in Bonn she founded the concert series “Konzerte an der Schlosskirche” (Concerts at the Schlosskirche). Since 1979 she was responsible as a concertante organist and harpsichordist as well as continuo player for the organization of various national and international chamber concerts in Bonn, Stade and Mittelnkirchen (organ by Arp Schnitger). Furthermore, she participated at the “Festival für junge Organisten” (festival for young organists) in Biel (Switzerland) and held harpsichord and organ concerts in Arnhem and Amsterdam.

In addition to her concert engagement, Ms. Paqué also worked as a scientific associate under the guidance of Prof. Hans Joachim Vetter at the “Verband deutscher Musikschulen” (Association of German music schools). There she created curricula for all subjects at music schools and she was a member as well of the commission for the organ curriculum.

Since 1973 Gabriele Paqué has been active with events as a teacher for keyboard instruments, with the main focus on piano and harpsichord. In June 2009 she founded the “Musikstudio und Galerie: Gabriele Paqué” in Bonn.

Here she exclusively teaches adults with her newly developed piano teaching method for beginners, as well as already more experienced players. The Musikstudio in Bonn has become a center for lessons, concerts, exhibitions, scientific presentations and workshops.

Gabriele Paqué

Since 2012 Ms. Paqué is one of the speakers at the “Landesmusikakademie” in Heek, North Rhine-Wesphalia, and is invited to the theme “Instrumental Lessons for Adults” on a regular basis.

On the 30th of January 2015 Gabriele Paqué became the deputy chairman of the board of the DTKV (German Musician Association), district Bonn/Rhine-Sieg.

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