The clarinet can rightly be called the pearl of woodwinds. Its sound is very multifaceted and it is capable of expressing a wide variety of emotions and characters – from plaintive sighs to triumphant fanfare. The instrument’s range – about three and a half octaves – is the widest of all woodwinds. Across all registers the clarinet is at home in any volume level – from barely audible to filling the concert hall. With such extensive dynamics, it has no competition in its instrumental group. Thanks to all these characteristics, the instrument is present in practically every musical genre and in every instrumentation – from symphony or chamber ensembles to brass and jazz bands.

Learning to play a musical instrument and making music as a whole is a big challenge for body and mind. You get to know yourself in many ways, but most of all you learn to exceed your own limits.

I will accompany you on this path with my pedagogical experience as well as with the many-sided experiences I have gained during my concert tours. Therefore, my lessons are individual and are tailored to the wishes and goals of each student, combining different basics of playing technique. This includes: breathing, embouchure, tone formation, intonation, finger technique, posture as well as general musical aspects such as interpretation, phrasing, ear training and harmony.

As a melodic instrument, the clarinet is often dependent on an accompanying voice. In my lessons this is made possible by piano accompaniment or a second clarinet as an accompanying voice.

Learning an instrument is never too late! With me there is no age limit to start with music. I will gladly support you in your courageous decision to realize your dream and learn to play an instrument. For very small music lovers I offer recorder lessons as an introductory instrument.

I also prepare advanced clarinettists for the qualifying examination for music academies.

Lessons take place in beautifully artistically designed rooms, which inspire, but at the same time provide the necessary peace and quiet for concentrated work. The focus is on an atmosphere of creativity, inspiration and joy, which makes the achievement of small and large musical goals an exciting adventure, in which you discover yourself and of course especially the wonderful world of music.

Text by Lisa Shklyaver

Lessons are offered in German, English and Russian. Ms. Shklyaver teaches in the Musikstudio the clarinet, saxophone and piano every Monday from 3 pm to 8 pm.

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